Cultivate the skills to impact millions of people in months instead of years

And disable the impact of crippling criticism from the past forever.

Train under direct and personal guidance of Rajagurus of Chamundi Rajagurukulam.

Just like how illustrious kings and queens of older times were trained and mentored for a life of social leadership.

Guru Pashupati
Chamundi Rajagurukulam.

When you learn Rajavidya, you get transformed in the following three ways:

Royal Values: Learn the Rajavidya value system and never be confused about a decision again.

Royal Abilities: Win support and funds effortlessly in favor of your vision

Royal Physique: Create a body with king-size energy and a posture that commands respect

RV Trifecta

The Discovery Call

Here is a list of the values and abilities that are promised to inculcate in you by the Rajagurukulam within a year:

These are called Rajasiddhis:

4 Rajasiddhis

Apart from these, you will also build A royal physique worthy of respect by undergoing Rajagurukulam's physical training.

If you find these exciting and feel you are the right fit, please apply for the discovery call.

Why is it hard to find a Guru for most people?

This is because very few of the existing people who offer themselves as gurus have the following essential qualities:

  • Someone who can teach you how to become a master of your mood so that you always have consistency in your efforts.
  • Someone who can teach you a clear value system for making decisions and eliminates dilemmas and indecision.
  • Somebody who has a simple process and a plan to help you to evolve your abilities on a daily basis.
  • Someone who can help you remove unconscious obstacles you didn’t even know were there. 
  • Someone who is available to you immediately whenever you need help with your problems.
  • Someone who does not indulge in empty rituals with no meaning.

Now, when you look at the existing people who offer themselves as gurus with this lens, very few tick all the boxes.

That’s why there is only one Rajagurukulam and we will be able to help you to create a massive social transformation that will satisfy your soul.

About Guru Pashupati

Guru Pashupati
Co-founder, Chamundi Rajagurukulam

Guru Pashupati, commonly known as Ashwin Mohan/Chekava, is a direct student of the immortal Yogi, Mahavatar Babaji. 

At 32, he became a direct student of the Immortal Guru Mahavatar Babaji. He lived with him in the Himalayan caves of Nepal and India for 18 months, learning the immortal Yoga. 

Guru Pashupati holds the Parampara Adhikara or the lineage authority to channel and transmit lessons from the six authentic Yoga schools of Immortality- Aghora, Natha, Giri, Siddha, Vajra & Naga.

Guru Lineage

He was sent back to civilization to teach yoga by his Guru, Mahavatar Babaji. Guru Pashupati is the co-founder of one of the fastest-growing startups, Yogi Lifestyle Academy and the Yogasiddhi method of healing chronic physical and mental illnesses.

He and his team have healed more than 2000 people from chronic health conditions using Yogic and Scientific Principles. He has helped countless people find their vision in life and get set on the path to creating social transformation. Many of them are entrepreneurs now and many are involved in supporting social causes.

He’s also a popular speaker invited to speak twice on TEDx and once on Josh Talks.

Guru Pashupati and his team have trained over 13 million children in safety and self-defense through the central government agency NIPCCD. After returning from the mountains and having taught yoga for 7 years, he realized that the world’s problems can only be solved by people who have the mind, body, and skills of auspicious kings and queens

And the training needed for this can only be given by a Rajaguru who is the master of Rajavidya.

Countless people have benefitted from his training of Rajavidya. You can read about their transformation in the testimonial section.

Here are some life-changing results our students have achieved after one year of training in Rajagurukulam:

Sink into these royal experiences of what it means to be in the Rajagurukulam.


G.B. was a corporate executive with 20 years of experience behind her. She had put all of her life’s effort into her work and had lost her strength, looks, and youthfulness. And she was burnt out. She had failed in all her attempts to find a man.

And she was tired of looking for someone on her wavelength to be her life partner. She knew that she had to become a different person to be able to deal with the stress that her love and relationships were causing her.

Because everything she had tried from her current knowledge had wholly failed. And G.B. was past the stage of denial. She was at the stage where she wanted solutions. She was past the stage of denial and delusions. She came across some videos of Guru Pashupati and started following him on social media. 

Following his posts, she found so much clarity about why she was suffering. She realized she could never listen to herself.

She had always sacrificed herself for others. And she realized this had made her forget how to be happy. 

When she came to Guru Pashupati, she asked him, ‘can you help me remember how to be happy?’. She passed the entrance exam and became a student of Rajagurukulam. Gradually she realized she doesn’t need a life partner because the way she plans her life is just too good. She decided she wanted to own a piece of land on the city’s outskirts in the hills.

Without much effort, she came across all the info on how to do that and raise the required amount without straining herself. Everything got arranged and she moved to a beautiful house in a valley and worked from there. 

On the career front, in 20 years, she had won no awards at her jobs, but the year she started training with Rajaguru, Guru Pashupati, she won 3 awardsSo, something had changed; she had changed; she was no longer the person that couldn’t handle relationship issues and office politics. 

She changed from someone who couldn’t handle these things into a person who appreciated these things. By completely involving herself in everything going on at work, she gained the respect of her seniors and got promoted two times in the same year.

She ended all her relationships, realizing that none of them could give her the experience she wanted from life, to live in the lap of nature, contemplate on life, and create a meaningful purpose for herself.

After years of training, she realized her purpose is to help others communicate better. She wants to create a module, a course, that even a child can learn quickly.

She wants to sell this B2B to educational institutions. And help bring about a transformation in the work culture of our country to include respectful and honest communication. It will also revolutionize the way children are being taught in schools. It will introduce a child that operation and collaboration are the two most powerful things humans possess, not competition.

It will also help people realize that there is always an abundance of options and violence is unnecessary. This module could bring a new era of peace and cooperation amongst people.

She still consults with Guru Pashupati. Even though she is not physically training with him, she does it alone. Because she spent two years learning, And as every day passes, G.B. gets closer and closer to achieving her dreams. 


V.G. had undergone a terrific divorce which made him question all the things he had taken for granted; that he was born to serve his family and that he was born to serve his parents.

He began to ask, what about what I want? Because he felt all he had done in his life was to give and give and give. He deeply cared for his family and still found himself in the jaws of a divorce.

It was at this point that he wanted guidance. He wanted to grow, but nobody around him could give him that guidance.

That’s when he appeared for Rajagurukualm’s entrance exam and got accepted. And he began to train sincerely because he had earned his place here.

The first thing to change was his attitude to his suffering.

He realized that the suffering is indeed harsh, but the real pain in his mind comes from resisting the reality of the suffering. He was not sad because he had lost everything. He was sad because he expected never to lose it.

And so, he learned to adjust his expectations to match reality. All while training himself physically like a royal warrior. In the classes, he was learning the secrets of the human body. And secrets of the human mind.

That’s because Guru Pashupati is a lineage authority of a very ancient and exclusive school of yoga housed in Nepal’s mountains and called Trilok Akhada. It was established by the founder of Yoga, Shankarnath, 1000s of years ago. So, he taught him unknown ancient secrets to control his body and mind by controlling his Prana or subtle energies.

V.G. didn’t have to go to the mountains for this and spend countless years with false teachers who couldn’t deliver on their promises because he had direct access to the Lineage Authority of Trilok Akhada.

This accelerated his physical and emotional growth quickly to the point where he became fully capable of commanding his mind. He is now living happily with his daughter and a new woman in his life, peacefully, and they both support his ambition. All the court cases ruled in favor of him having custody, which was tough to do without Rajavidya.

V.G. has decided to make a movie on real spirituality. And he is currently writing a screenplay and has already raised funds for it. This will be a full-fledged feature film. This also marks his switch from one year of being an I.T. professional to being a filmmaker.

Even now, Guruji is guiding him regularly until he becomes film-making king.


D.N. was a doctor who suffered from a lot of psychological issues.

She had a terrible fear of being abandoned by everyone close to her. And she had a habit of trashing herself in her self-talk. She would convince herself she is no good for anything, regularly. And that felt safe to her until she realized that she had become stagnant and every year of hers was a repeat of the previous year. And this had been her life for the past 15 years.

So, she went to the internet and looked for spiritual guidance on YouTube as to what she should do in the invisible world to change her current reality. She was seeking the secrets of changing reality, not only selfishly for herself, but also, to help her patients. And D.N. found Guru Pashupati’s videos.

As she immersed herself in these videos, she began to notice that she was getting calmer and a firm decision came to her because she used to be the most indecisive person she knew. But suddenly, she decided to learn Rajavidya from Guru Pashupati at Chamundi Rajagurukulam.

When she made that decision, she managed to pass the entrance test even though she was physically tired from the demanding work hours. Guru Pashupati told her that there is a fire inside you of great ambition but you have covered it with layers and layers of goals and you feel that you have no fire, but it is there.

You have to burn all these things that you have covered yourself with. In the course, Guru Pashupati taught her the procedures to burn away karma, and using that and the classes; she was burning away karmas from her body and changing her body language.

She immediately realized she looked taller and was a very tall person, but she used to stoop to apologize for her height unconsciously as she had been criticized for it as a teenager. So she changed her body language. And with new body language, she began to do podcasts. The training had given her the energy to do something like podcasts.

And even though D.N. was introverted, she would connect with her podcast guests with warmth and intelligence. This created a large amount of interest in her Linkedin profile. And she began to be seen as an expert on par with the experts she had interviewed.

This got her a speaking opportunity abroad at a medical college where she talked about alternative methods to treat patients rather than just medication or pills. And now, she got invited to the same medical college as a staff to teach what she knows about truly healing people as a doctor.

She is also poised potentially to change how the world views disease and has also started writing a book about this subject. She is already the author of one book. This is her second one.

When she changed as a person, she immediately also started to gain respect from her family. She had never started to feel valued as a child. And she had spent considerable energy, even as an adult of 40, trying to win her parent’s approval every day and it was so exhausting for her.

But by uncovering her inner fire using the methods taught by guruji, she managed to free her ambitions from the clutter of pleasing others and make it her number one priority

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Frequently asked Questions.

Who is the training for?

This training is for anyone who wants to solve a problem so big that it requires a lot of people to do it and wants to create a social transformation. For example: With this course, we are solving the problem of uncontrolled emotional state, which is a huge problem and probably one of the reasons why people aren’t solving big problems. So, by the end of the course, you will understand which big problem your environment is calling you to solve. Which big problem your body and mind are naturally designed to solve, and start solving it.

Is it only for those who want to become leaders?

Obviously. Yes, the problem mentioned above is too big to solve alone, Leadership Is not a choice here, you have to become a leader in order to create social transformation

Is this martial arts training?

No. It is Rajavidya. It’s king/queen’s training of which martial arts is a major part.

How much is the fee of the program?

We don’t want you to conclude whether the program is for you based on the fees. So please follow the process and you will find out whether the program is for you or not.

What is the duration of the program?

Rajavidya program is 2 years long. This is the first level, which is one year long. For the second year, there will be a separate exam for the graduates of the first year of the program.